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supporting creatives with their mental health + business

Who are we?

modelme exists to empower people to be a better role of themselves.

Established in March 2018, modelme was born out of a desire to help build a solution for creatives - founder of modelme, Natasha Minter, witnessed and experienced first hand the lack of support, and education that all creatives had to manage. 

From March 2018 - March 2020, modelme existed through physical events, from sustainability panel talks to fitness events to mental health workshops - mostly based in London, with a few events in America. 

The pandemic bought many challenges, like so many other businesses, however Natasha chose to see it from a perspective of a new opportunity to now achieve a goal she had in her mind since day one - to be able to support and help creatives globally.

We want to support and help creatives globally.

modelme runs regular free events from confidence and well-being workshops, men's mental health discussions, fitness workouts, and educational seminars on the business of being a creative - for e.g. managing your finances, arranging and building contracts, negotiating and understanding budgets, and discovering your value. 

Mental health and well-being are at the core of modelme. Natasha went through a traumatic experience as a model, and through her mental health recovery, she learnt that models were not the only creatives that massively suffered with their mental health.

The most frustrating thing for Natasha, is the lack of support for creatives mentally. Instead of complaining about it - Natasha continues to build a solution with her team, to add value, support, encouragement and advice to the creative community.

modelme's mission is to create a culture of support.

modelme collaborates with leaders in the industry from all different areas, creating educational and empowering content to help YOU - the creative, with all the different areas of mental health + business. Expect to see content from people like: 

modelme is also very passionate about working with brands who are aligned with our values and mission. You can see our full list of partners here, when we partner with our brands it can be anything from access to exclusive events or discounts for the brands.

  • Allbirds
  • BLOK
  • PUMA
  • UpCircle
  • Nubyen
  • Huel 

At modelme, we don't box creatives in. We believe in celebrating all of your talents.

Why should you join?

It's free! We care about supporting creatives

  • all of our events are hosted out of this platform 
  • all event recordings posted
  • includes exclusive webinars filmed for the modelme platform 
  • an opportunity to connect with other likeminded creatives in a positive space

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